Golden tips to protect mobile devices from the summer heat

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The German technology portal, “Heise Online” indicated that excessive heat during the summer may be dangerous for smartphones and tablets, as it may cause damage to the entire devices or negatively affect the performance of some components such as the battery.

Alexander Speer, of the German Technology Gate, explained that the high temperatures during the summer lead to the fast consumption of batteries, given their sensitivity to heat.

And for the processor, the high temperature is not a problem, but when the temperature increases more than 45 degrees Celsius continuously, for example when the smartphone is left in a closed car, modern smartphones launch an alarm or turn off automatically, and the excessive heat can lead to deformation The plastic wrap in old cell phones or cause some components to break apart.

The German expert recommends the cooling of mobile devices in case of extreme heat, but the user must bear in mind that most of these devices are designed to withstand slight fluctuations in temperature.

Here are some tips and advice to protect your smartphone and tablet from overheating:

Take into account that the smartphone will not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time while in the cafe or on the beach. And if it is hot for the user, then it is for the mobile device.

– Most of the mobile devices come with a black cover, which helps to accumulate additional heat, so the user must put the smartphone in his pocket when in open places under direct sunlight.

Placing the smartphone in a protective case may cause heat build-up, so it is best to remove the phone from the case with higher temperatures.

– If the smartphone is overheated, it is best to turn it off immediately, in order to cool it slowly, so as not to cause damage.

– In general, the user should avoid extreme temperature fluctuations, and the smartphone or tablet should not in any way be left in the vehicle, which has been filtered under direct sunlight since the air inside the vehicle is too hot.

– Playing games, taking photos, or recording videos is a huge burden on the mobile processor, so it is best to have breaks in the meantime.

– The smartphone battery should not be charged when the ambient temperature is above 40 ° C.

– And if the smartphone is exposed to overheating, it should not be cooled by putting it in the refrigerator, since it is exposed to severe damage due to the condensed water inside it.

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