Goodbye Windows 7… Microsoft officially stopped support

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On Tuesday, Microsoft officially suspended technical support for Windows 7, thereby preventing the most used system from receiving updates.

Windows 7 is one of the most used computer operating systems in the world, according to statistics from “StatCounter”, about 26.7% of computer users still depend on it, while about 65% of them depend on Windows 10.

It should be noted that Microsoft launched Windows 7 on October 22/2009, and after some time this system became the most supported operating system for computer users because it offered many features, such as support for handwriting, the ability to support multicore processors, and support for advanced graphics processors.

Microsoft experts pointed out that the company’s decision to abandon Windows 7 came due to the age of this system, which has reached 10 years. Over the last century, many new programs have appeared and types of electronic attacks have developed with them, and Windows 7 has become unable to protect users from these dangers.

Tuesday, 01/14/2020, Microsoft released the latest set of security updates for people using Windows 7, as this system will no longer receive security or non-security updates from Microsoft because it is now a system that is not supported by the company.

The latest Windows 7 update applies to all versions, and users can download and install the latest patches by checking for updates in the control panel, and the installer can also be obtained without a connection. Internet by downloading the package from the Microsoft Updates website.

Windows 7 devices will need to be upgraded to Windows 10 to get continued support, updates, and fixes from Microsoft after January 14, 2020.

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