Google celebrates Saint David’s Day

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St. David’s Day is a religious holiday in honor of David, the patron saint of Wales. It is observed on March 1, the date on which St. David died in 589. The holiday has been celebrated regularly since the canonization of David in the twelfth century by Pope Calixto II, although it is not a holiday on the United Kingdom.

It is customary to dress or wear daffodils and leeks, the official symbols of Wales and St. David, respectively. The holiday also lends itself to the consumption of typical Welsh dishes such as cawl and Welsh rarebit. In this party, women usually wear traditional Welsh dresses.

Water dyed red at the fountain of Swansea Castle on St. David’s day (wikipedia)
Over the years the party has been taking on other dimensions and is celebrated in several cities and towns of the country. Processions are organized throughout the day in Cardiff, Swansea and Aberystwyth.