Google confirms security gaps in iPhone and Apple denies

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Google last week released a blog revealing a significant vulnerability in the iOS operating system, leading to the data theft of iPhones, but Apple waited until today to refute Google’s claims.

According to a blog published by Google, a handful of pirated sites exploited a flaw in the iOS system to inject suspicious code into iPhone phones.

But Apple seems to have another opinion on this, as the company confirmed that the shortcomings highlighted by Google were corrected last February, noting that the attack affected fewer than a dozen websites targeting the Uighur community.

Apple estimates that the attacks only worked for about two months, not two years, Google security researchers wrote. According to the company, he solved the problem within 10 days of learning about it.

Google, in turn, did not close on Apple’s response and said the following statement:

“Project Zero” publishes technical research designed to improve understanding of security vulnerabilities, leading to better defense strategies.

“We stick to our extensive research to focus on the technical aspects of these vulnerabilities. We will continue to work with Apple and other leading companies to help keep people safe online.

However, Apple says that security is one of its top priorities, and “regardless of the magnitude of the attack, we take the safety of all users very seriously.”

Google researchers pointed to other security flaws in the iOS system earlier this summer, and Apple finally had to fix a flaw that allows users to unlock their phone.

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