Google prohibits all coronavirus applications from its store

Google has disabled all searches related to the Coronavirus, which is now spreading all over the world on its Google Play store, for fear of exploiting users’ fear of the disease to spread suspicious applications.

If you enter either “Corona Virus” or “Covid-19” as a word to search for it in the Google Play Store, nothing will appear in the results list. This appears to be a recent new situation in the store’s search system.

Google has not made any statement about this update in its store, but it makes sense to believe that the company wants to restrict user access to applications that may cause panic and fear, either by spreading misleading information or amplifying people’s concerns, as it is very easy to create an application about the virus that exploits users ’fear to Get Profits from using ads.

Although there have been no reports of these applications so far, as we have only noticed harmful online documents that pretend to provide information about the epidemic but actually provide malware, it is possible that Google has decided to avoid any potential public problems by taking this The procedure is against all applications, without being evaluated individually.

Some of these applications may actually be useful to users. But all information is available online, and there can be people who want to implement a dashboard that shows the information about the real-time spread of the virus collected from various sources.

But if Google has already banned all searches for fear of spreading misleading information or is afraid that some fraudulent developers can deceive fearful and gullible users, why is it preventing any Corona related application from the store without being reviewed by Google?

Moreover, Google has not restricted searches for the coronavirus in the web search service. The research provides unconfirmed information.

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