Harry and Meghan outside the Royal Family

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Harry and Meghan are renouncing their royal titles, the British royal family announced this Saturday evening in a press release published on twitter.

This implies that Prince Harry and his wife Meghan will stop receiving public funds after their decision to renounce their status as active members of the royal family, said Buckingham Palace.

“The Duke and Duchess of Sussex will no longer use their title of Royal Highness since they are no longer active members of the Royal Family,” said the palace, adding that the couple had agreed to the reimbursement certain past expenses.

Some time ago, the now ex-prince and his wife announced their decision to distance themselves from official activities.

They said they wanted to settle in Canada and enjoy their financial independence.

Surprised and irritated by this decision, Queen Elisabeth had subsequently appeared to resign herself and had even affirmed, after a “family crisis meeting”, “to understand” their need for independence.

For its part, the British press had pointed out that Meghan, suspecting her of being behind this step taken by Harry, “because she had difficulty adapting to the constraints of royal life and the pressure of the media” according to the same media.

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