Herd immunity…Britain’s plan to counter the Covid-19 pandemic

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What is the concept of Herd immunity that Britain is considering applying to confront Corona?

Herd immunity is a term that indicates that if you have a new disease such as Covid-19 and do not have a vaccine, then it will spread among the population, but if a sufficient number of people develop an immune memory, the disease will stop spreading even if not all of the population has developed an immune memory.

The term spread after the British government’s chief scientific advisor, Sir Patrick Valance, said that the wider the Corona epidemic, the wider national immunity for generations, despite the loss of life that may accompany it.

Valence hinted that the Coronavirus could be infected with about 40 million UK residents – 60 percent of the population – to reach the herd immunity.


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Applying herd immunity to the coronavirus in the UK requires that a large proportion of the population be infected between 60 and 70%, and then recover from the disease. This means that more than 47 million people in the UK are infected.

And with the current statistics that say that the coronavirus death rate is 2.3% and that the proportion of those who develop the disease to a dangerous stage is 19%, this means that in the United Kingdom and to reach the herd immunity, more than one million people will die of the coronavirus, with eight million other infections that require The patient undergoes intensive care because his health condition will be dangerous and critical.

Valence’s remarks were met with sharp criticism, as WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris questioned the feasibility of Britain’s strategy to counter the spread of the “herd immunity” coronavirus.

Harris explained that there is not enough scientific knowledge of the Coronavirus, because it is new and is not yet known how it reacts immunologically, indicating that each virus has a different way of dealing with the immunity that develops to counter it.

She called on Harris to focus on deeds rather than theories in facing the current situation.

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