Here’s the method of knowing USB and SD forged

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The storage of personal information is extremely important to many, and this requires the availability of high-quality storage media to avoid damage to the device or loss of stored information.

As part of our subject, the German magazine “CT” specializing in computer technology reported that shopping platforms and electronic stores are full of counterfeit storage media, whether they are “USB” storage units with a storage capacity of 2 terabytes or “SD” external memory cards with a capacity of 256 or 512 GB, and at minimal cost.

There are several ways to discover the counterfeit media from the original where she made it clear that the counterfeit storage media does not provide more than 32 GB of storage space, and worse than that, the user to through it obtains only a small part of this actual storage capacity, and can, therefore, suffer a loss of its data when it tries to store data of more than 32 GB on such counterfeit media since the space storage is rewritten from the beginning when the memory becomes greater than the last.

Usually, counterfeit USB volumes come with the old USB2 interface even if it is presented as having a USB3 interface, and due to the fake firmware, this is not a reliable capacity. The storage displayed by the computer for the units storage or counterfeit memory cards, so it is best for the user to rely on a test program for Windows computers “H2testw”, while owners of computers operating system Mac OS can use the “F3 Test” program.