High number of Israeli soldiers infected with Coronavirus and Netanyahu warns of one million infected and 10,000 dead

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The Israeli army announced today, Tuesday, that it had diagnosed five soldiers with the Coronavirus during the hours of last night, which brings the number of infected persons to its ranks to 25.

The Israeli army said in a written statement distributed to the media that the wounded soldiers were in good health.

The Israeli Broadcasting Corporation had indicated a few days ago that more than 6 thousand soldiers were quarantined.

Last Tuesday, the Israeli Ministry of Health announced that the number of Corona patients in Israel had risen to 1,656.

On the other hand, the outgoing Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, warned that the number of people with coronas in Israel could reach one million, and the death of about ten thousand, according to the worst scenarios set by the Ministry of Health in his government.

The 12th Israeli TV channel quoted Netanyahu as saying during a telephone meeting last night with his government ministers, that it is possible that the number of injured in Israel will reach one million, and when this difficult situation is reached, it is possible to record ten thousand deaths per month.

Israeli media sources suggested that Netanyahu resorted to statements of terror, in an effort to persuade the ministers to impose a comprehensive closure on the movement in Israel, in light of the sharp differences between the ministries.

The Israeli Ministry of Health is calling for a comprehensive closure to block the spread of the epidemic, while the Finance Ministry opposes it for fear of its negative repercussions on economic facilities.

In Israel, voices are being heard pointing fingers at Netanyahu and his government for failing to manage the crisis because of his preoccupation with keeping him in power and protecting himself from prosecution.

Source: Agencies