How do the colors reflect your taste and personality in choosing places and clothes?

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Colors constitute a vital and important space in our life. Different tastes and personalities play a large role in her choice of places, clothes and details.

In the kitchen
Some kitchens increase their delicious décor and colors, and others work to balance or reduce them.

Energy and feng shui specialist Jessica Khadida tells Al-Jazeera Net that the fiery colors of red, orange and yellow open the appetite, so food brands use them frequently in logos and decor worldwide.

Orange boosts appetite (Pixabay)

But if we want to reduce the appetite and create a balance, the specialist considers that it is necessary to choose light green and pastel colors, and to cut the appetite, she recommends white dishes with a black bottom and even in kitchen decorations.

And if we want to go towards healthy, fresh and organic eating, we have to influence our subconscious, using green or blue.

It is better to control appetite using small plates and the technique of eating with sticks that require time to eat, so we are saturated with less quantity, and studies indicate that the brain is satiated 20 minutes after the start of eating.

Blue kitchen gadgets reduce appetite (Pixabay)

Jessica recommends using earthy tones of beige and a mix of beige and gray tiles in bedrooms for adults or kids. The ceiling and walls are white to encourage calm and sleep.

For more harmony and personalization of the place, it is considered that the color of the skin plays a role in that. If it is dark, we use brown and chocolate accessories, and for white, it is better to use light beige, gray and pastel colors, While staying away from black because it causes depression.

Blue, Pink and Gender
Jessica does not prefer going too blue for a boy because studies have shown that it causes depression, anxiety and boredom. Rather, it is only used in a light way, such as for the bedspread, and to be light in small shapes, so that white dominates it, especially in the walls.

Never paint the walls blue. As you can see, the variety of colors is better, and green and yellow can also be used.

Syphilis alone for a girl limits her creativity (Pixabay)

Pink does not always favor the girl because it limits her thoughts, so he locks her in his frame, an expression of femininity, considering that the use of colors should be outside the framework of gender for children so as not to control their personality, and limit the explosion of their energy. The talent may be buried in art, for example.

The fiery colors stimulate activity and vitality and are abundant in children’s games. Green gives a feeling of freedom, harmony and acceptance, comfort and calm in the bedrooms, especially for kinetic children, with light earthy colors.

Blue is too boring for male children (Pixabay)

For the study or workroom, an office can be placed. A corner can be devoted to books or other things that resemble their personalities, such as technological tools, maps, paintings, and other matters of interest to the place’s owner.

It is best to sit so that his back is towards the door and in front of him is not a lot of space and clarity, and the cabinets are to the right and left, and his back to the wall. This is for greater productivity and convenience.

The colors must be vibrant and accompanied by comfortable aromatic scents and adequate lighting. The source of daylight from the window to feel energy, and the specialist advises yellow for memory and activity. It suggests optimism and positivity and makes the place appear wider.

And she indicates that red narrows the space and feels tension. So it is preferred to use it only with small accessories.

Although blue suggests comfort and expands the space, its abundance gives a kind of coolness to the place.

Red worn by self-confident (Pixabay)

Clothes according to personality
In choosing the clothes’ colors, Jessica considers the personality, profession and psychological factors the main role.

For example, those who work in art wear black and dark colors and prefer isolation, while others love bright colors such as red, yellow, green, pistachio, and orange, and mix them in their clothes and accessories.

Studies have shown that people who love black strongly impose their opinions on others, have a strong personality, and are stubborn.

As for those who love white, they are pure on the inside and spiritual, or they seek spiritual perfection, wisdom and life philosophy, as they take their time to make decisions in their lives.

And Jessica points out that red throughout history has been known to be spinning and love of roses to clothes, and it symbolizes people who have great self-confidence, and the social and attractive spirit they have.

She says: Usually in color therapy, we advise those who are going through a period of low self-confidence to wear red to be encouraged to engage more in society, provided that they are not nervous in their nature, and they do not have high blood pressure, because the abundance of red in their clothes and around them bother them. She also dislikes wearing red when doing a job interview as it irritates the eyes.

Black is suitable for winter and is worn frequently by those who want to impose its personality (Pixabay)

Colors and seasons
Jessica thinks it’s good to identify with the seasons’ colors, even if we hate a particular season. These colors can be added to trims and clothes.

Olive, green, and earthy colors help in the transition from fall to summer.

In winter, we find navy, black and dark colors in abundance, and in order not to turn into gloomy colors, they can be combined with light colors such as white and pink to be moderate.

Summer takes us subconsciously to red, green, turquoise, yellow, and into bright colors. And for spring, there are the green colors, with floral, white and blueprints.

Chakras denoting body parts in energy sciences (Pixabay)

Colors are a cure
The most important thing in color is how to be a source of treatment. Here Jessica explains that in the energy sciences, there are every 7 chakras “energy centers” in the body that symbolize its organs, and each has its own symbol and color that helps the flow of energy in it, which helps in healing.

As for how we use color, she says, either we actually surround ourselves with it in the place, clothing and precious stones, or close our eyes and imagine it surrounding us as color and light, and the best is through meditation. There are also techniques in energy therapy in machines that illuminate the body with this color.

Gemstones help treat the color by wearing them or carrying them (Pixabay)

From the treatment colors

Green: for heart fatigue and hurt feelings.

Yellow: for stomach, intestine, spleen, ulcers, depression, and arthritis.

White and blue: for anxiety.

Blue and turquoise: for asthma, lungs and throat, dermatitis, back pain, high blood pressure, and ear pain.

Red: For cold, cold and low pressure.

Orange: For cold, cold, arthritis, and low pressure.

Pink: for depression.

Violet: for headache with a massage with lavender oil.

Source: Al Jazeera