How the players of the Serie A teams did a good deed towards their teams

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Tommaso Giulini, president of the Italian club, a rival of Cagliari, announced on Wednesday that the players and workers of the club agreed to waive their wages for one month, to help the club overcome the effects of the current stoppage period due to the Coronavirus pandemic.
The Italian league, like all other local competitions around the world, has stopped, and there is no indication of when it will resume again, although the local federation has said it wants to end the season.
“I notice a good sense of responsibility. The club’s employees – not just the players – gave up their wages for a month,” Giulini told a local television station.
“This is a good gesture that indicates a great sense of responsibility that allows us to reduce losses. If the competition does not resume again, we will see what we can do in the next few months. So far we can only thank everyone who made this kind gesture.”
Juventus, the defending champion, announced last Saturday that its players agreed to reduce their wages during the period from March to June, to help the club overcome the crisis.
Local media reported that Inter Milan were also close to reaching an agreement with their players to reduce their wages.