How to dress at the start of the school year? We take inspiration from Instagram trends for an unforgettable look.

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Shorts? Top? Dress? Instagram helps us undermine us for the start of the school year.

Like Fanny Ekstrand and Linn Eklund, we take care of our entrance with a sharp outfit … All accompanied by his BFF.

© Instagram @fay_es

An oversized suit

We put on the oversized and monochrome suit.

A mid-season outfit

A knotted scarf-top, Brittany Xavier.


A mesh top and jellyfish sandals

A minimalist silhouette, and still old.


A satin set

A marked size for even more style.


The seventies set

Perfect to make the summer last.

Raw denim Bermuda shorts

Comfortable and super sharp, we adopt Bermuda shorts just like Joséphine!

A total leather look

We keep (still a few weeks) are leather shorts and his hat.

… or we stay in pajamas

Bart Simpson pajamas, nightcap, and sock … Pernille Rosenkilde has it all.

The air is cooling, the sun is setting and so are the holidays … We are slowly entering, but surely, the most dreaded period of the year after Christmas: back to school. No matter how old we are, these few days are among the most important! A new period is offered to us, which therefore includes … new outfits (very easy shortcut, you will grant us). For the occasion, we necessarily put on a most breathtaking outfit.
How to dress for the start of the school year: summer knits are our new essential
Already: to impress the gallery and make a remarkable arrival (and above all to lay the foundations for your new colleagues or comrades), but also because we need something new. Thanks to Instagram, it’s impossible to miss out on your back-to-school outfit! Does a total leather look? A seventies flower set? Or a little mesh top like Brittany Bathgate? What does it matter, as long as we keep our summer pieces (a little bit longer)?