Huawei confirms that the company has no replacement for Android OS

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Huawei member of the board of directors and senior vice president, Katherine Chen, said that the Hongmeng operating system, on which Huawei is working, is not designed for mobile devices and is not created as a replacement for Android by Google.

According to Xinhua, Chen explained, os Hongmeng, which the media has often called the Android alternative, is in fact intended for industrial use, and its program code is small in size compared to the mobile OS code. She also added that the development of the Hongmeng system began long before there were reports that Huawei may need an alternative to Android. According to Chen, now Huawei expects to continue installing Android on its devices.

At the same time, T-Journal recalls that last week Huawei board member Liang Hua said that the company had not yet decided whether Hongmeng would be working on it so that this OS could be used on the company’s smartphones instead of Android.

Recall that in May, the US Department of Commerce put Huawei and 70 related companies on a special list, a stay in which means a ban on obtaining equipment and technologies from US companies without the express permission of the US authorities. Because of this, the suspension of partnerships with Huawei was announced by Google, Qualcomm, Intel, Broadcom and Xilinx. The media and experts talked about a serious blow to the Huawei business, but on May 21, the US Department of Commerce issued Huawei a temporary license for a period of three months. This license allows the company to update software on smartphones and ensure the operation of its telecommunications equipment.

In late June, US President Donald Trump promised to relax sanctions against Huawei. Later, White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow explained that Trump’s decision to allow US companies to sell their Huawei equipment would apply only to products made in many other countries. “For example, US chip makers sell products that are available from other countries, and we don’t think that there is [a threat] to national security,” said Kudlow.

Source: T-journal and Websites