Huawei determined to launch Mate 30 despite lack of support from Google

Huawei is facing a major obstacle in promoting its upcoming flagship phone Huawei Mate 30, which will not be able to launch using Google applications and services due to the White House ban on US companies from doing business with China telecom, according to Reuters.

Huawei received a three-month extension from the US Department of Commerce in May to allow it to receive service and support from US companies, including software or modifications and was extended for another 90 days, ending on November 19, but This applies only to previously released phones.

This means that Huawei’s new Mate 30, scheduled to be unveiled on September 18 in Munich, will not be able to use Google apps such as maps or editing tools from the U.S. company.

Huawei will launch the phone without Google

Designed to work on new 5G networks, the Mate 30 is Huawei’s first new phone since U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration blacklisted the Chinese company for banned entities.

Huawei plans to go ahead with the launch of new advanced smartphones in Europe, although it may not be able to offer Google’s official Android operating system and widely used applications, company executives told Reuters.

A Google spokesman told Reuters that the Mate 30 could not be sold with Google’s licensed apps and services because of the U.S. ban on Huawei sales, and the spokesman said the u.S. government’s interim deadline last week did not apply to new products such as the Mate 30.

Google has not clarified whether it has applied for a license to offer its apps and services known as Google Mobile Service, although it has said in the past that it wants to continue to provide its services to Huawei, and U.S. companies can obtain a license to exempt their products from the ban.

Reuters reported this week that the US Department of Commerce has received more than 130 applications from companies for licenses to sell US goods to Huawei, but has not yet been granted permission for any request.

“Huawei will continue to use the Android operating system if the US government allows us to do so, otherwise we will continue to develop our operating system,” Huawei spokesman Joe Kelly told Reuters.

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