Huawei develops an operating system for phones competing with the American Android

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China Telecom Equipment Company (Huawei Technologies) has been working on developing its own operating system for smartphones to rival the operating system «Android» which is developed by the American Internet and technology services company «Google» After the decision of the U.S. administration to impose restrictions on the dealings of companies With the Chinese company, which threatens the regularity of the latter acquiring its needs of electronic chips and applications for smartphones.
At the same time, the company indicated that it was entering into talks with the company «Alpha-bits» The parent company «Google» to discuss ways to deal with the decision of the U.S. administration in the wake of the announcement of Google to prevent the arrival of new Huawei phone users to some features of the operating system Android.
At a conference in Brussels today, the representative of the European Union’s (EU) institutions “Abraham Liu” said that once the use of the Google operating system in its hardware is banned, the alternative option will appear naturally either by Huawei or by any other party.
Liu said that Huawei is currently developing its own operating system but did not provide any details on the timing of the launch of the new system, adding that the company will do everything in its power to mitigate the effects of American decisions.
Yu said the company is ready to sign agreements to ensure that its technologies are not used in espionage, as Yu was quoted by the Bloomberg news agency as saying that the company is “ready to sign non-espionage agreements with governments and customers in EU member states.”
This comes as the founder of «Huawei» Ren Shinjfi said that the company is looking with the U.S. company for Internet and technology giant «Google» ways to deal with the restrictions imposed by the administration of American president Donald Trump on the dealings of American companies with the Chinese company.
In an interview with a number of Chinese media, the founder of Huawei said that “Google is a good company and a very responsible company”, adding that it discusses with Huawei ways to mitigate the impact of the measures imposed by the U.S. Department of Commerce earlier this week, which obliges American companies to obtain prior authorization before Supply any products to Huawei.
The Ministry of Commerce announced yesterday that the companies had been granted 90 days before applying the new procédures.
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