Huawei is preparing to hit the world’s most popular search engine

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Huawei and Honor’s smartphones no longer use Google’s services as a result of the embargo imposed by the administration of President Donald Trump on Huawei, which prevents American companies from selling their products or services to the Chinese company, which forced them to gradually replace these products in their devices.

Huawei has started to use the AppGallery app instead of “Google Play” in its modern phones, but there is still a long way to go to replace all Google applications and programs, however, the results are already beginning to appear as more and more applications have been added, starting with the main social networks.

Huawei’s newcomer to the series of applications that will dispense with one of the best products of Google is the search engine, where Huawei Search will soon enter the service on new phones, not only via the browser but through an application dedicated to compensating for the absence of Google search engine as well.

The first screenshots of the Huawei search app show that it is part of Huawei’s smartphone services, where we can perform quick searches, in addition to having weather shortcuts, mathematical results, unit conversion, and a calculator.

The results obtained can also be filtered by categories, such as videos, news, and photos, allowing for more widespread search.

According to the HuaweiCentral website, the app will be available soon on Huawei smartphones through the company AppGallery.