Huawei launches the world’s most powerful artificial intelligence processor

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Huawei has officially launched the Ascend 910 processor, considered by experts as the most powerful artificial intelligence processor in the world, and has launched a complete system of work for the calculation of artificial intelligence under the name “MindSpore”.

“We have made steady progress since the announcement of the Artificial Intelligence Strategy in October of last year,” said Eric Xu, president of Huawei.

“Everything is going according to plan, from R & D to product launch. We promised a full range of products for artificial intelligence and today, with the release of Ascend 910 and MindSpore, we have introduced a new phase in artificial intelligence strategy for Huawei. “

Supernatural processor

The Huawei Ascend 910 processor has made significant progress in AI processors, increasing processor performance with less power consumption than expected.

The processor consumed a maximum capacity of only 310 watts, well below the prescribed 350 watts specifications. “The performance of the Ascend 910 is much better than we expected,” said Xu. Without a doubt, it has more computing power than any other artificial intelligence processor in the world.

At the same time, Huawei’s “MindSpore” computer system offers an easy development environment and an efficient implementation that adapts to all scenarios.

Because it only deals with the gradient and form information that has already been processed, MindSpore helps ensure the privacy of users. Also, MindSpore has 20% fewer programming lines than the main systems on the market and helps developers increase their efficiency by at least 50%.

“MindSpore will become open source in the first quarter of 2020,” Xu said. We want to achieve broader adoption of Artificial Intelligence and help developers do what they do best.

Integrated Development Group

The Huawei Artificial Intelligence development group covers all scenarios and tools, including Ascend series processors, CANN programming chip, Mindspore training, and programming system, and the application-aware platform called ALERT.

Huawei believes that AI will be used in almost every sector of the economy, several gaps need to be filled before artificial intelligence becomes a real general-purpose technology.

With the launch of the Ascend 910 and MindSpore, Huawei is on track to achieve its AI goals.

Source: Aljazeera