Huawei sells 1 million Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro phones in just 3 hours

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Huawei, a Chinese smartphone technology giant, announced the sale of one million new Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro devices in just three hours in China.

Other reports said that Huawei’s figures could not be verified as a private company, but a photo posted on China’s Weibo social media site reveals a large crowd of people who want to buy the device at the new store Huawei’s flagship Shenzhen.

Stocks on the Chinese Taobao online shopping site are currently exhausted, while the imported “Mate 30” models are sold in Hong Kong for an increase of  1,500 $  HK(191 US $ ), indicators of excess supply, she said Sky News.

The sale of one million units in less than a week is very exciting, but it is probably not surprising given Huawei’s popularity in his home country, which rose after the US ban on the company and its attempt to prevent it from dealing with Google, where some Chinese citizens believe that Huawei was unfairly treated by Washington, and Then they want to show their support arising from their national feelings.


In additing, Huawei introduced the Mate 30 (the main version of this series) with a 35% discount, compared to the price announced at a phone launch event in Munich, Germany, last month, and The Huawei chairman Richard Yu announced the reduction himself on Chinese networking sites.

However, there is no information on when to put phones on sale in the international market, where Huawei wants to solve the problem of Google before launching the series of phones “Mate 30” internationally.

According to research firm Canalis, Huawei shipped 37.3 million phones in China in the second quarter of this year, up 31 percent from the same quarter of 2018. In fact, Huawei was the only brand that has increased sales this year compared to the previous year in China, compared with the decline in sales of Apple, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo this year, compared to the figures of 2018.

The Mate 30 Pro features a four-camera system in the rearview, two of which is 40-megapixel, a wide-angle and a standard for video shooting only, the third 8-megapixel for distance shooting, and the fourth for the 3D depth sensor.

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