Huawei takes the lead in smartphone market, succeeding Samsung

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In April, Huawei succeeded in becoming the leader in the global smartphone market despite US sanctions that made it difficult for the Chinese manufacturer to manufacture and sell Android devices. According to a recent report by the analytical company Canalys, Huawei retained its leadership in the market for the entire second quarter. The company has achieved such success for the first time in history.

In total, in April-June, Huawei delivered 55.8 million smartphones to the market. Compared to last year, this figure fell by 5%, but the main competitor was doing much worse: Samsung sold 53.7 million devices in the second quarter (-30%). Data on sales of smartphones from other companies and total sales for the quarter are not provided in the material.

Huawei owes its success to the coronavirus pandemic and the Chinese market, which began to recover in the second quarter. Thus, China accounted for 72% of all sales of Huawei smartphones. In the first quarter of 2020, this figure was 61%, and a year ago – 64%. Canalys also noted that sales of Huawei devices in China increased by 8% over the year, while sales in other countries fell by 27%.

“This is a significant success that only a few predicted a year ago. the company’s markets, including Europe, the US, Brazil, and India, have been devastated by the epidemic and quarantines, “said Ben Stanton, senior analyst at Canalys.

In turn, company analyst Mo Jia noted that as the global economy recovers, it will be difficult for Huawei to maintain its leadership in the market due to the decline in sales of smartphones of the company outside of China.

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