In Video, A strange Android phone waiting to be put on the market

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Andy Rubin, co-founder of Android, and Ceo of Essential, posted a video showing a strange-looking phone that his company intends to put on the market.

Project Gem’s design is the strangest device, as it is very long, making it look like a remote control for an electronic device.

The phone’s touch screen extends along its front façade, has a small hole in its left upper corner dedicated to the camera, and is equipped with a speaker on the upper edge of the chassis.

The basic camera and fingerprint scanner are on the back end, and the play buttons and sound control are placed on the right edge.

According to the leaks, this phone will work with the Snapdragon 730 processor and the Android operating system. It can be controlled via voice commands and will get a lot of features that rely on AI systems.

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