In video, test the new iPhone 11 in difficult circumstances

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Apple has launched two new commercials for the iPhone 11 Pro, one of them showing just how “serious insults” that have suffered more than any other phone.

The first announcement below focuses on the resilience of the iPhone 11 Pro to daily events exposed in a high-speed wind tunnel.

First, there are baby toys, shoes and baby bottles, then comes the food (including a lettuce vibrio), but none of them seems heavy enough to damage the phone according to the advertisement.

Things then become fiercer in advertising, with ice cubes, hairbrushes and many other things thrown on the phone, without leaving a single scratch. In the room, it was cleaned of what was stuck on the phone by the water, in an explicit reference from Apple to both the durability and the resistance of the phone to the water.

The second ad below is about the capabilities of the three rear cameras on the phone. or in a wind chamber, a dog with thick hair standing on a box in front of the phone and the wind playing with his hair.

Advertising plays an important role in educating viewers on the differences between the three iPhone Pro 11 lenses (long-range, standard, very wide-angle).

But the most striking is the nocturnal filming scheme, as the results of the advertisement are more impressive than those proposed by the company when the feature was broadcast on the stage earlier last week.

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