India .. drinking cow urine at a party to prevent coronavirus!

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As scientists around the world seek to find a drug to prevent the emergence of the coronavirus, a Hindu festival in the Indian capital, New Delhi, organized a party in which cow urine was drunk on the pretext that it protected against the deadly virus!

Yesterday, a Hindu group organized a party to drink cow urine in the Indian capital, New Delhi, because they thought it had been purified from the Covid-19 virus, because many Hindus consider cows to be sacred, and some believe their urine has healing properties.Experts have repeatedly stressed that cow urine does not cure diseases such as cancer, and there is no evidence that it can protect against coronavirus.

The Hindu Union Party “For All India” hosted the ceremony at its headquarters in New Delhi, and gathered 200 people.

The organizers hope to organize similar events across India.

“We have been drinking urine for 21 years because we are bathing in their feces,” said one of the participants. We never felt the need to take English medicine! Chakrapani Maharaj, the party leader, stood up to take photos, placing a spoonful of cow urine near a cartoon of the Coronavirus.

Leaders of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi of the Hindu nationalist party Bharatiya Janata have encouraged the use of cow urine as a treatment for cancer.

A head of state of Assam in northeast India also told state lawmakers this month that cow urine and manure can be used to treat coronavirus.