iOS 13.2 Instead of improving the service, it has become more complex and boring

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IOS 13.2 suffers from a serious performance problem, as a growing number of iPhone and iPad users have complained about the mismanagement of the ram system and the excessive aggression in killing apps and apps. background tasks, resulting in reloading applications, such as Safari, and YouTube frequently when reopening it.

Using iOS 13.2 seems to be very boring for users in terms of multitasking across many applications, depending on many user complaints, and worse, this is the case even if you have an iPhone 11 Pro or iPad Pro.

iOS 13.2 tends to reload applications every time a user enters those apps from the background, although not much time has passed, and as a result, the user loses everything he or she does or watches, which makes multitasking more difficult.

Repeat reloading
A user said he left the YouTube app in the background for only a minute to respond to a text message, but when he returned to the YouTube app on the iPhone 11 Pro the system had reloaded the application instead of bringing it from the background and losing the video it was watching.

Other people have had similar experiences, complaining that youTube kept updating each time they temporarily stopped what they were watching. Another user said that the safari browser could not keep an open tab in the background.

The application starts working every time from scratch as if it is not in the background, and it seems that iOS is back to pre-multitasking. A series of similar complaints have also been posted on the Apple Support Forum, Twitter, Reddit, and other ways.

Some users said they lost whole drafts of emails simply because they had moved to the Spotify app or camera. Dealing with errors that affect your ability to multitask on your phone is very frustrating, especially if you have one of Apple’s most expensive devices.

Apple users have been distracted by the trial schedule and the final general release of iOS 13, but have assumed that many of the major issues have been fixed with the release of iOS 13.2.

It is not yet clear if this is an error in iOS 13 or maybe something related to the latest version of iOS 13.2.