Is Haaland better than Lewandowski?

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Michael Zork, sporting director of German football club Borussia Dortmund, described Bayern Munich striker Robert Lewandowski as a “perfect striker” and believed that Dortmund striker Erling Haaland was better than Lewandowski when he was his age.

In statements to the German newspaper “Bild” published today, Saturday, Zork confirmed that Haaland, 20 years, is better than Lewandowski, 32 years, compared to them. He said, “Erling is now definitely more than Robert had reached when he was twenty”.

At the same time, Zork acknowledged the difficulty of comparing two players when the age difference between them is so large, noting that Lewandowski has evolved into an ideal striker over the years.

Zork added, “I actually trust Erling’s ability in everything because he has this strong inner drive that makes him want to improve himself permanently, and he has an aspiration that cannot be held back.”

And meet Dortmund and Bayern this evening in a summit meeting without an audience.

In response to a question about whether Dortmund had money after Corona’s losses to mobilize the team in the winter season, Zork said, “No”.

Zork said that he believes that all clubs feel that this crisis has had profound effects and is still having effects, as is the case in society, the economy and almost all fields.

Zork concluded his speech, “I think that we have relatively little movement for economic reasons,” explaining that for this reason, Dortmund plans to complete the season with Jadon Sancho.