Is the Saudi Prince’s wish to buy the English club Newcastle?

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Qatar’s media network, beIN, has moved to demand that the prospect of the Saudi investment fund takeover of Newcastle.

The New York Times reported that the network “beIN” – which owns the rights to broadcast the English Premier League in the Arab region – sent a message to the twenty clubs in the English Premier League to demand to stand before the upcoming acquisition.

With the support of one of the largest sports organizations around the world, the “beIN” network accuses Saudi Arabia of being behind the “beoutQ” network of piracy, which illegally broadcast a large number of sports matches and competitions.

The American newspaper pointed out that the message signed by the CEO of the “beIN” network, Yusuf Al-Obaidli, stated that the potential buyer of Newcastle Club had caused huge damage to the clubs and the English Premier League (Premier League), and stressed that illegal activities will continue to affect everyone if the acquisition deal is proceeded.

“When the season resumes in the coming months, all league matches will be available illegally” in Saudi Arabia, Al-Obaidli said.

Request an investigation

“We consider that the reports about the purchase of the Newcastle club are correct, and we consider that it is necessary for the Premier to investigate the potential owner and all the managers, officials and other representatives of the Saudi Investment Authority and other Saudi entities involved or who finances the acquisition, “Al-Obaidli wrote in a separate message to Premier Manager Richard Masters.
He justified the investigation request by “the Saudi robbery in the past and the present” for the English Premier League rights and intellectual property rights of the member clubs.

The New York Times pointed out that an investigation funded by the International Football Association (FIFA) showed that the Saudi-based ARABSAT company played a pivotal role in the beoutQ piracy operation. She explained that the judicial follow-up efforts to the case were stalled due to the refusal of the law firms in Saudi Arabia to represent the affected organizations.

According to press reports, the Saudi fund, supervised by Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdelaziz, is close to announcing the acquisition of Newcastle from its current owner, Mike Ashley, in a deal valued at about $ 368 million.

The message of “beIN” network came after warnings launched by human rights organizations about the deal, and Amnesty International said that this deal may harm the reputation of the English Premier League, and considered this deal a way to cover up “unethical actions”, in reference to Saudi Arabia’s human rights record.

For reference, the curse of the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi in the Saudi consulate in Turkey continues to follow the Saudi prince who currently wants to control the club, and thus the emergence of his star from the door of English football.