Italian Orsato as a referee for the Champions League final match

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On Thursday, UEFA chose Italian referee Daniele Orsato to lead the final match of the European Champions League between Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich, scheduled for Sunday in Lisbon.

It is the first continental final that Orsato (44 years old) will lead in his refereeing career, which he started internationally in 2010.

The European Union appointed the Italians Lorenzo Manganelli and Alessandro Giallatini to help their compatriot Orsato, who had previously led the Paris Saint Germain match with Manchester United of England (2-0) in the first leg of the prestigious continental competition last season.

Orsato led eight matches in the Champions League this season, most notably the first-leg final between Real Madrid and Manchester City (1-2) last February.

Orsato was a fourth referee in the final match of the European League “Europa League”, which was crowned by Chelsea, against his fellow Londoner and neighbor Arsenal (4-1) last season.

The Romanian Ovidiu Hațegan will be a fourth referee, while the assistant referees team will include another Italian, Massimiliano Iratti.