Jewelry will protect you from face recognition systems

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Deep Face, or deep face recognition that identifies people in an image once it is deployed on social media platforms, is one of the most modern means of tracking people by countries and institutions .

The system is becoming more common, which is a clear indication that social networks have the largest body of data to recognize faces.

That is why Ewa Nowak, a recent graduate of the design department of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts and co-founder of Noma Design, a company run by her partner Yaroslav Markovet, has developed a series of ideas to solve this problem.

Thanks to the National Institute of Informatics (IIST) lighting glasses designed to thwart facial recognition, Nowak was inspired by the design of facial jewelry used for the same purpose.

This jewel consists of two brass discs placed on the cheek and a long piece of copper that stretches on the front, as well as threads that allow you to install the entire piece on the ears, just like glasses .

“I was very surprised by the ability of this system to determine our gender, age and temperament, and even if our faces were partially covered, this system would be able to recognize us,” she said.

Nowak redesigned this piece several times, using paper to simulate the shape of the jewels, then tested it by taking photos, and then uploading them to Facebook.

Recently, this piece received the Mazda Design Award at the Lodz Design Festival.

The writer says that Nowak does not currently plan to produce this piece because she sees it as a work of art and not as a producer. Recently, Nowak was invited to present and present his projects at the National Museum of China.

Although the museum chose two pieces designed by Nowak, a necklace and a pair of lenses, while the glasses were rejected. Two weeks later, they replied that they could not accept this article for political reasons.

Nowak is always curious about the protection of privacy and how technology continues to penetrate our daily lives, but nevertheless she turned to other projects.