Just 3 seconds a day, to get your body back to full strength.

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The Australian Edith Cowan University ECU, in cooperation with the Japanese University of Niigata University, Health and Welfare NUHW, conducted a study on the effect of exercising for no more than 3 seconds per day for 5 days over a whole month and the extent of its impact on the health of the body and muscles.

The 39 students from the Japanese University participated in the study, they are healthy students who do not suffer from any chronic diseases, and they applied one muscle contraction exercise for 3 seconds daily for a whole month at a rate of 5 times a week.

Also, 13 other students participated in the study, without exercising for the entire prescribed period, and the researchers behind the study measured the strength of muscle contraction over the course of the month.

The results showed that the students who exercised within 3 seconds showed strength in the muscles of the body compared to the people who did not perform any exercise.
The lead researcher in the study, Ken Nosaka from the Australian University, confirmed that the results confirmed that people do not need long periods of exercise to have good muscle health, as short exercises are useful and effective, and weightlifting exercises for 3 seconds a day, this period is sufficient to obtain strong muscle health.

Professor Nosaka added that the results of the study confirm that a little time in exercising has an effective effect in promoting health and fitness, and that only 3 seconds prevents from developing sarcopenia, which is the aging of muscles and the loss of strength with age.


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