Juventus: Blaise Matuidi and Daniele Rugani cured of the coronavirus

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Good news for Juventus players from Turin. Tested positive for the coronavirus a few weeks ago, Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi are now out of business, the Old Lady said in a statement.

It’s a relief in the world of football. Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi were tested negative after being re-examined. Juve has officially reported the recovery of its players after two tests.

The statement shared by Juventus confirms that Rugani and Matuidi are now in good shape.

“Daniele Rugani and Blaise Matuidi performed, in accordance with the protocol, the double-check with diagnostic tests for the coronavirus-Covid19. The tests gave negative results. The players have therefore recovered and are no longer subject to the isolation regime, “read the press release.

Another Serie A player, Argentinian Paulo Dybala, was also reported positive for the virus, which forced him to isolate himself. For his part, the striker has not yet announced his complete recovery, but he did share a few pictures of home training.