Juventus: black serie continue for Paulo Dybala

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The black series continues for Paulo Dybala. The Juventus player from Turin tested positive for a fourth time against the coronavirus, the Spanish program El Chiringuito reported.

The Covid-19 seems to follow Paulo Dybala. In contrast to his teammates Blaise Matuidi and Daniele Rugani who are cured of the virus, the Argentinian, was once again tested positive.

Dybala, the Argentine attacker, confirmed on March 21 that he and his girlfriend, Oriana Sabatini, had tested positive for the coronavirus.

He was one of the first Serie A players to contract the disease, along with Juventus teammates Rugani and Matuidi.

According to El Chiringuito, the 26-year-old has undergone four tests in a month and a half, the last of which is still positive for coronavirus.

The announcement comes just days after Juventus decided to recall their players to resume training, as did teams in Germany and England.

Indeed, Serie A teams are allowed to resume individual training on May 4 and team training on May 18.

However, the return date from Serie A, which was suspended on March 9, has yet to be confirmed. For the moment, Juve de Dybala is leading Lazio by one point at the top of the ranking.