Juventus reproduces Real Madrid and paves the Pirlo for training after Sari

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Italian club Juventus seems to want to reproduce the experience of Real Madrid with its current coach Zinedine Zidane, as the Italian football champions seek to repeat the experience with his former star Andrea Pirlo to succeed Mauricio Sari in the future.

Juventus announced Thursday that its former playmaker Pirlo, 41, has returned to the club as coach of the U-23 club.

Pirlo takes over from former midfielder Fabio Bequia, who is less well known than Pirlo, who led the young team to win the Italian Cup for third-class clubs this season.

Pirlo leads the team in the third division of the NBA next season.

Pirlo played four seasons with Juventus and then left the team in 2015, after which he played three seasons for the New York City team before retiring in 2017.

Pirlo set a record, contributing to Juventus winning the first four of the nine titles the team has won in the Italian League during the last nine seasons, in addition to the Italian Cup and two Super Cup titles.

Pirlo previously won the UEFA Champions League with Milan twice, as well as won one title in Milan with the Italian League and the same in both the Italian Cup and Italian Super Cup over ten years spent with the team.

In addition, Pirlo won the 2006 FIFA World Cup in Italy with Germany.

Juventus won the league title this season a few days ago, before the last two phases of the competition, to be the ninth consecutive season in which it won the championship title.

However, the team’s performance and fluctuating results made suspicions circulating about the coach Mauricio Sari, who had not had any touches with the team that helped him win the title, the teams competing on top.

Real Madrid had assigned the task of training its second team, “Castilla”, to Zidane in 2014, to move from it to the first team in 2016 and record impressive success, including winning the Champions League four times so far.

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