5 reasons that confirm Ronaldo remains in Juventus de Turin

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Despite rumors that Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo has returned to Real Madrid, a report prepared by the British newspaper “Daily Mail” revealed that the “Don” remained in Juventus until 2024.

The first test of Ronaldo’s “loyalty” to the “old lady” team was the coronavirus crisis and the economic repercussions it left on all football clubs, including Juventus, as it agreed to deduct ten million euros from his salary of the 2019-2020 season.

Nevertheless, the “Juve” hopes to extend the contract of the “Madeira missile” for another two years until 2024, that is, until the Portuguese international reaches 39 years, with the payment of bonuses and bonuses for him, which in time will be compensated for the money that was deducted from his salary.

The newspaper mentioned five reasons that it described as “essential” for Ronaldo’s stay in the “Bianconeri”:

– Friendship: Ronaldo, Juventus president Andrea Agnelli, gathered in Italy, a solid friendship inside and outside the club corridors.

– Money: Ronaldo earns more money from sponsors than other players in the world. His accounts on Instagram and Twitter add him a lot of money, as he has about 300 million followers. This is what increases Ronaldo’s wealth rapidly and reflects positively on the reputation and marketing of Juventus, as well as sponsors who contract the team with deals amounting to tens of millions of dollars because of Ronaldo’s presence in the team, in addition to that Italy is a “tax paradise” for foreign players who benefit from exemptions in this the field.

Seedorf number: Ronaldo hopes to equal the number of Dutchman Clarence Seedorf, the only player who won the Champions League with three different teams are Ajax, Real Madrid, and Milan, and after Ronaldo won the prestigious championship with Man United and the royal hopes to repeat the achievement with Juventus and equal to Seedorf number.

-His love for Turin: Ronaldo seems to have adapted to live in Turin and usually walks on its streets, eating with his friends in its restaurants, and he has favorite restaurants there, besides living his life normally and quietly in it, without the inconvenience or intrusion of fans.

The dressing room: After the departure of the Croatian Mario Mandzukic to the Al-Duhail Club in Qatar, which was dominated by his character over the dressing room, Ronaldo has become one of three players in addition to the leader Giorgio Chiellini and goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon who run the Juventus dressing room and have the upper floor and the final decision.

Source: British Press