Putin congratulates KAMAZ Master on the coronation of Dakar Rally

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Russian President Vladimir Putin congratulated the Russian KAMAZ master team’s crew after they won the Saudi Dakar Rally 2021 in the truck category.

Putin thanked the team members and the technical staff for their strong personality and concerted hard work and emphasized that the KAMAZ master crew’s heroic spirit and their focus on first place are well known to the participants and fans of the legendary Dakar Rally.

He added that, in continuation of its predecessors’ victorious history, the KAMAZ master team won again, for the eighteenth time, the Dakar Rally, which confirms the level of professionalism and leadership characteristics enjoyed by the Russian team.

The Russian KAMAZ master team monopolized the podium of the Dakar Rally 2021 desert race for the truck category, which was hosted by Saudi Arabia for the second time in a row between 3 and 15 January.

Russian Dmitry Sotnikov, a KAMAZ master truck driver, won first place in the overall standings by traveling the Dakar Rally, which reached 7 thousand and 600 kilometers, ahead of his compatriots Anton Shibalov and Iat Mardiev.