Khalid Al-Oadah is sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and travel ban

The Director of Research for the Gulf Region at the “Democracy Now” organization, Abdullah Al-Awda, announced yesterday, Tuesday, that a Saudi court issued a 5-year prison sentence and a travel ban on Dr. Khalid Al-Oadah, brother of the detained Sheikh Salman Al-Ouda.

Abdullah Al-Odah – the son of Sheikh Salman – said that the verdict came after 3.5 years of arrest and investigation, due to his sympathetic tweets with his brother Sheikh Salman.

Al-Odah confirmed that the Specialized Criminal Court had accused Dr. Khalid of “seeking to employ his brother’s arrest to stir up sedition.”

Earlier, Abdullah al-Ouda explained that his father, Salman al-Ouda, faces 37 charges, including corruption on the ground by inciting society and calling for a change in the Saudi government, joining international unions associations, inciting public opinion and stirring up discord.

In September 2017, the Saudi authorities arrested many prominent scholars and activists in the country, most notably Salman Al-Awda, Awad Al-Qarni and Ali Al-Omari, amid demands from prominent personalities and international and Islamic organizations that they should be released.