KickBoxing: Badr Hari reveals the name of his next opponent

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We know a little bit about Badr Hari’s next fight. While he recently announced his return to the ring, the kickboxer has finally released the name of his opponent, whom he will face next June.

Badr Hari is ready to put the gloves back on. And it’s the Romanian Benjamin Adegbuyi who will be the Moroccan’s first opponent after his injury and defeat against Rico Verhoeven. The meeting will take place on June 20 at Rotterdam Ahoy.

The native of Kenitra (Morocco) announced the news to his fans on his Instagram account. “My road to the title resumes on June 20th. Stand aside or I’ll walk through you.
Saturday, June 20, Rotterdam Ahoy, “he wrote on his Instagram account.

Adegbuyi, 35, from Romania, has won 40 of his 46 kickboxing matches, 19 times knocked out. Since 2018, he has triumphed in six of his seven games. It was only against Jamal Ben Saddik that he fell.

For his part, Hari in his last fight, had failed in his attempt to strip Rico Verhoeven of his title of world champion. He was injured in the third round and therefore had to abandon the game.

It was Hari’s second fight for Glory since serving a prison sentence. In March 2018, he won a fight against Hesdy Gerges, also in Ahoy’s arena. However, the two boxers were then suspended for doping.

The “Bad Boy” will be back in the ring on June 20. According to Glory, he is already in training and his injury has recovered.