Kobe Bryant widow claims hundreds of millions of dollars

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Vanessa Bryant, widow of National Basketball Association (NBA) legend Kobe Bryant, has filed a lawsuit against Island Express Helicopters Inc., which owned a helicopter crashed with a former basketball player and their daughter Gianna.

According to The Blast, Vanessa expects to receive from the company “hundreds of millions of dollars”, which, as she suggests, is equivalent to Kobe’s future revenue losses.

The widow of a basketball player claims that the company did not check the weather conditions before departure, and the pilot Ara Zobayan decided to fly in bad weather and allowed negligence, which resulted in death.

Representatives of the accused in court deny at least part of their guilt and argue that those on board should also share the guilt of the accident, as they were aware of the likely risks of theft.

Kobe died in a helicopter accident in California on January 26. On board were also her 13-year-old daughter and 7 other people. No one survived.

In full pursuit, the experts were unable to establish the causes of the helicopter accident. We only know that the pilot tried to gain altitude and get out of the dense layer of clouds, but the aircraft tilted sharply to the ground and crashed 60 seconds after this maneuver. The investigation into the causes of the tragedy will take approximately one year.

Bryant, who ended his career in 2016, has played in the NBA for the “Los Angeles Lakers” for 20 seasons, 18 times participating in the All-Star Game. He is fourth in the list of the best players in NBA history (33,643 points).