Learn 7 essential features that WhatsApp needs

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WhatsApp is the most popular messaging application in the world, with more than two billion users worldwide during February, and the number of messages sent through it reached 100 billion messages per day. So WhatsApp continues to offer updates and new features to stay ahead of the competition.

The company has supported the app with many features over the past years, including video calls, improved privacy controls, biometric authentication, and integration with Any.do app to add reminders and tasks, and a self-disappearing message feature. However, the WhatsApp app lacks a lot of features, and most of the competing messaging apps offer them.

Here are 7 essential features that WhatsApp should add:

1- Multiple accounts support:

You cannot create more than one account in the WhatsApp application, as it is linked to one number for each phone. If you have a phone that supports two SIM cards, you will have to choose one of them to activate an account, as WhatsApp does not include an option to activate two numbers on the same phone.
While the Telegram app – its closest competitor – offers this feature to have up to three accounts in the app.

2- Advantage of modifying sent messages:

The WhatsApp application does not yet offer the feature (modifying sent messages), a feature that users have been waiting for for a while, as many competing messaging applications provide it.
One of the most important applications that it offers is the Telegram application – whether in smartphones or the desktop version – if you send a message to someone on Telegram and discover after sending it that it contains incorrect information or includes spelling mistakes, or you want to replace one word with another, or do any Edit Generally, the app allows 48 hours after sending during which you can make any edits you want in the message.

3- The transmission scheduling feature:

This feature is one of the most requested features in the WhatsApp application as well, as it can be useful for sending reminders that you need to people, or sending greetings at events, and more.
It is worth noting that this feature is available in the WhatsApp Business version under the name “Away message”, but until now, scheduling messages in normal WhatsApp requires the use of third-party applications.
This feature has also been available in the Telegram app for over a year, as it allows you to choose the date and time for the message to be delivered.

4- A private space for keeping notes:

Some popular messaging apps – such as Telegram and Signal – allow you to access your space to create notes, save URLs, and more, but WhatsApp hasn’t offered this feature yet.
This feature is called “Note to Self” in the application “Signal” and it looks just like any other contact on your list, but it is reserved for your private notes, and you can synchronize it with associated devices as well.
While it comes in the Telegram application under the name “Saved Messages” and you can access it in the desktop version by clicking on your profile picture in any conversation, click on the “Send a message” icon appears in the right corner below your picture.

You will see a conversation entitled “Saved Messages” in which you can send whatever you want to yourself, and this will automatically sync with the application on your phone. In the Telegram application, you can also create your own channel for the same purpose.

5- Polls feature:

If you want to do a quick survey in WhatsApp family groups, workgroups, or friend groups, you can only do so now through external tools and applications.
Meanwhile, competing for messaging apps like Threema and Telegram allow you to poll groups and channels easily.

6- Hide faces before sending pictures:

The signal contains many privacy-focused features, most notably: the feature to darken faces in a picture before sending it to contacts, and you can activate it easily by pressing the (blur) icon next to the pen symbol, then activate the option ( Blur faces.
This feature is also required in the WhatsApp application, as it allows sharing photos without compromising the privacy of others at the scene.

7- Sending messages without sound:

Every message you send to anyone does not require a response immediately, as people may be busy with their work or with more urgent matters, so the Telegram application offers a feature called (Send without a voice) that allows its users to send messages to individuals or in groups without a notification sound.

To use this feature, you only have to press and hold the send button after writing your message, then choose to Send without sound.

The recipient will receive a notification as usual, but their phone will not beep, and this feature is a great option for sending messages without disturbing the recipient.

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