Very elaborate messages .. Learn about a new trick of electronic piracy

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The Criminal Police Office in Lower Saxony states that online scams are widespread with e-mail messages that do not raise suspicion at all.

German experts pointed out that such fraudulent messages claim that hackers have exploited security holes to copy data from the website’s server, and threaten people or companies who are sent such messages to systematically destroy their reputation if a certain amount of Bitcoin cryptocurrency is not paid.

The German police office was keen to reassure users that no attacks of this kind were detected on the websites, and stressed that no money should be paid or contact the sender of these messages, but that the user who receives such messages should file a report with the competent police authority, Because it is fraud and extortion.

The user can simply delete the messages titled “Your website has been hacked”.

The German police office recommends checking the software used on the server, especially with content management systems such as the WordPress publishing system, with the need to install new updates regularly to fill the security holes and avoid any possible piracy attacks.

Source: German