Lionel Messi: I have no problem with Griezmann

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Long suspected in the press of “rejecting the Frenchman Antoine Griezmann” because he would have preferred a possible return of his friend Neymar to Blaugrana, the Argentine star and FC Barcelona striker, Lionel Messi has set the record straight. “I have no personal problems with Griezmann,” he said.

In statements to the press on Wednesday after the match against Inter Milan (2-1) in the Champions League, Messi wanted reassuring. The Catalan team captain said, “Obviously, we have no problem; we learn to let go together”.

“The relationship is good with everyone; the dressing room is united. We were aware that we were not having our best moment, and we needed this win (against Inter) to kick things off. From now on, we have to step up, we have just won important matches, and we hope that this momentum continues,” he added.

Griezmann, who arrived this summer for 120 million euros, told a press conference on Tuesday that he did not talk much with Messi, who “doesn’t talk much” but wanted to develop better “communication” on the green rectangle.

Meanwhile, the five-time Golden Ball winner has debunked another growing controversy in the Catalan media, which has seen the Barcelona mansion take too much power in the club and clash with management.