Champions League: Liverpool and Atletico Madrid match resulted in 41 additional deaths

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Allowing the title-holder Liverpool and Atletico Madrid in the second leg of the Champions League final to be held, has resulted in “probably 41 additional deaths” with the new Coronavirus, according to a study published Sunday.

On March 11 at the Anfield stadium, the two teams faced 52,000 fans, including three thousand who accompanied Atletico on his trip to Liverpool, in the last football match held in England before the season was suspended due to “Covid-19”.

According to the universities of Imperial College London for research and Oxford, there were about 640,000 Covid-19 infections in Spain during that period, compared to 100,000 in the United Kingdom.

In the study conducted by “Edge Health”, which analyzes the British National Health Service data, the match “is linked to 41 additional deaths” in nearby hospitals 25 to 35 days after the date of the meeting, according to Sunday newspaper “Sunday Times”.

In an interview with the BBC last month, Steve Rotherham, the mayor of Liverpool and its environs, said that “if people were infected with a coronavirus due to a sporting event that should not have happened, this is a scandal,” adding “it is necessary to investigate to see if Some of these infections were related to Atletico fans. There were + hot + places in the virus (in terms of the high number of infections), and Madrid was one of them. ”

“Therefore, the issue must be considered, and the government must bear some responsibility for not declaring complete closure early.”

The British government considered that it followed the scientific advice when it allowed the match to be held and other sporting events such as the famous Cheltenham horse race in the same week.

However, Angela MacLean, the British government’s deputy adviser for scientific affairs, acknowledged that “Covid-19” injuries in Liverpool due to the match against Atletico Madrid was “an interesting hypothesis”.

Atletico then won 3-2 after the extension to topple the defending champion and reach the quarter-finals 4-2 on aggregate in the first leg of the home and away matches, before the competition stopped due to the outbreak of the new Coruna virus.

It is expected that the public will be prevented from attending the stadiums when sporting events are resumed in Britain, where the number of deaths caused by the “Covid-19” virus reached 36 thousand people, to be the most affected in the European continent, and the second globally after the United States.