Liverpool captain: No one should be forced to return to work

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Liverpool captain, Jordan Henderson, stressed the need to respect the decision of Chelsea midfielder Ngulo Kanti and any other player who has concerns about returning to training.

Kante told his club that he was not ready to return to training because of concerns about his health, as he was suffering from a phobia two years ago.

The English Premier League clubs resumed training through small groups this week, as the competition looked forward to a possible return next month after it stopped since March 13 due to an outbreak of the Coronavirus emerging.

“I think every person is in a different position with his family and at home,” Henderson said, speaking to Sky Sports on Friday.

“Ultimately, if you don’t feel safe and comfortable, you should not feel compelled or pressured to return to work,” he added.

“I respect the players who expressed their dissatisfaction with this move, and I hope that they will respect my opinion as well as all other players who have returned to training,” he added.

Henderson returned to training with Liverpool this week, expressing confidence in his club’s ability to secure the lives of the players as closely as possible.

“The position of each person is different from the other, but in the end for me, I feel safe here in the training ground, otherwise I would not be here and my colleagues.”

“I can only speak on our behalf, but I fully respect people who disagree with me and who do not feel comfortable (for now).”

“If one of my colleagues feels something like this, I will encourage and fully support him until he feels it is the right time to return.”

Watford captain Troy Denny had confirmed that he would not return to the team’s training due to concerns about his five-month-old son, who has respiratory problems.