Liverpool soars high in the sky of Anfield Stadium at the expense of Crystal Palace

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As usual, the Liverpool team flew high to Anfield in their interview with Crystal Palace in round 31 of the Premier League.

Liverpool, which misses five points to announce its victory in the title “Dream” which absent from the treasury of the club for 30 years, managed to leave the match with three points of gold before the strong meeting which will unite it in Manchester City the July 2, which will see the team celebrate the title in case of victory.

Today, Liverpool managed to score four goals against goalkeeper Hennessey, where Alexander-Arnold managed to score the Reds’ first goal in the 23rd minute, and Mohamed Salah managed to score the second goal in the 44th minute to complete the first half with 2-0.

With the start of the second half, the Liverpool player continued his attacking style so that defender Fabinho could score the third goal in the 55th minute so that the Senegalese star Sadio Mane returned from visiting the opponent’s net at the 69th minute, for either the match ended with 4-0.

Juergen Klopp, who made the team of champions in a short time, awaits the miracle that Liverpool coaches had been exempt from doing for thirty years, to restore the precious trophy to the treasury of the team and thus continue to get personal titles for him.

The Reds raised their score to 86 points at the top of the ranking, while Crystal Palace’s balance frozen 42 points in ninth place.