Liverpool has the highest market value in the world

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Liverpool FC owns the team with the highest market capitalization in the world according to the Swiss CIES Football Observatory.

It is noteworthy that the Premier League clubs dominate the list of the first ten teams with five teams, then the Spanish League comes with three teams and the French League with one team as well as the Italian League.

Liverpool beat all other clubs in the top five European leagues, led by Manchester City, Barcelona, and Real Madrid.

The market value of Liverpool players reached one billion and 405 million euros, outperforming Manchester City, whose market value reached one billion and 361 million euros.

Barcelona came third, with a total market value of one billion and 170 million euros, while Real Madrid reached one billion and one hundred million euros, and Chelsea finished fifth with a total market value of one billion and eight million euros.

The rest of the teams in the list came as follows:

Manchester United: One billion euros.

Paris Saint-Germain: € 979 million.

Atletico Madrid: 836 million euros.

Tottenham Hotspur: 787 million euros.

Juventus: 783 million euros.

Source: agencies, websites