Liverpool requests an investigation into the CL Final

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With kick-off delayed for a full 40 minutes, Liverpool have called for an investigation into the “unacceptable events” surrounding the Champions League final.

The start of the match was delayed 40 minutes on Saturday at the “Stade de France” in the suburb of “Saint-Denis” in the French capital, Paris.

At first, the organizers explained that the delay was due to security reasons, and then the fans arrived late.

Liverpool lost the match against Real Madrid, with a clean goal, while video clips showed the presence of many vacant seats in the stands of Liverpool fans in conjunction with the original scheduled start of the match.

News reports and tweets on social networks indicated that there were chaotic scenes outside the stadium, and that many fans waited for hours to enter the stadium, and some fans also tried to enter the stadium without tickets to attend the match.

The European Football Association (UEFA) announced after this: The turnstiles behind the stands of Liverpool were blocked by thousands of fans who bought fake tickets that do not work at these turnstiles.

He explained: “This led to a crowding and accumulation of fans trying to enter, which resulted in delaying the start of the match by 35 minutes to allow as many fans with valid tickets as possible to enter.”

UEFA confirmed that the police dispersed the fans with tear gas and added: The European Union sympathizes with those affected by these events, and will review and evaluate these matters urgently with the French police and authorities, and the French Football Federation.

Meanwhile, Liverpool explained: We are very disappointed by the events of entering the stadium and the breakdown of the security fence that Liverpool fans faced this evening at the Stade de France.

He added: It is the greatest match in European football, and the fans should not have gone through these scenes that we have seen, we have officially requested an official investigation into the reasons behind these unacceptable events.

In your opinion, will the delay be a reason for Liverpool’s defeat against Real Madrid and the loss of the title?