How did the Mayor of London obstructed the resumption of the Premier League?

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The resumption of the Premier League divides in the United Kingdom. If British police have given the green light to start playing home games again, it is a whole different story for the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who spoke out against the resumption of the English championship, at least for the ‘instant

Who will have the last word? Government eased lockout restrictions and said Monday that sport may return as early as June 1, Sadiq Khan says it is premature to think about a resumption of the season at this time, with the danger of coronavirus continuing to weigh over the country.

The Premier League aims to restart on June 12, with 22 of the 92 matches remaining, but according to his spokesperson, Sadiq Khan is concerned “about the well-being of players who participate in all professional sports, not just football. There are huge questions to be asked about how players could train safely, how they would get to matches, and how they could play without the risk of spreading the virus. ”

“Sadiq is keen to see the Premier League and professional sport in general resume. However, while the country is still grappling with this crisis and hundreds of people are dying every day, he believes it is too early to discuss the resumption of the Premier League and top-level sport in the capital. ”, he added.

The British government plans to release a strategy this week that allows players to resume group training even if social distancing is encouraged.

“It depends on the type of contact because obviously you’re trying to make sure the players stay safe even during this contact training situation and it will have to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis,” said Premier’s managing director. League, Richard Masters, to journalists.

Thus, players and coaches will be regularly tested for coronavirus at training sites.


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