Loved by motorists and hated by the police, discover a new feature in Google Maps

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While Google continues to seek to integrate the features of the Wase application to Google Maps, the US company has added another feature that allows drivers to warn of the existence of police traps to monitor speeding overruns.

Wase is an application that is primarily owned by Google and has benefited from this feature for a long time, but Google seems to be looking to transfer its benefits to its popular card application in a move that may lead to the first application being permanently eliminated.

In a move that makes Google Maps look wiser, Google has announced that it has begun to allow Google map drivers on iOS to report crashes, speed traps and traffic jams, and users of iOS and Android systems. will be able to report other hazards of the road. Accidents such as road repairs, road closures, disabled vehicles and the presence of objects on the street, such as debris.

Google previously provided Maps users for Android with the ability to report accidents, speed traps, and traffic jams.

The above features are all at the heart of wise, and one of the main reasons why many users prefer to use the features of Wase on Google Maps.

When you are in Google Maps navigation mode, you can click to add a report, then choose from a long list that includes: crash, speed trap, slow motion, builds, closing leak, disabled vehicle, and a body on the road.

While drivers are likely to be satisfied with this update, the same can not be said of the police, who in recent years have demanded that the police’s location function be removed from Wase.

 The New York Police Department wrote in February: “The New York Police Department is aware that the Wise mobile app now allows people to report checkpoints, so we ask Google to remove this feature immediately from the application”.

The functionality of Wise and the new version of Google Maps does not distinguish between the police who set up speed traps or checkpoints or just park them on the side of the road.

Earlier, the Los Angeles Police Department and the National Mayors Association demanded that the feature be dropped from Wase.

“There is no moral or legal significance or reason to put the police button in the app, and we are concerned that terrorists, organized crime groups and gangs may find it a valuable tool. to expand their illegal activities, “wrote the Association of Deans in 2015.

Google has always responded that drivers slow down and strictly obey the rules when they know there is police nearby.

On the other hand, the technology website “Inc” indicates that hardware return may play a role in police opposition to this feature, although they do not explicitly recognize the idea of ​​receiving quotas for the many of the contraventions they issue or the arrests they make.

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