Mac OS Catalina replaces iTunes on App Store

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Apple has announced that iTunes will be closed with the launch of the new Mac OS Catalina system this fall.

The software will be divided into four separate applications: Music, TV, Podcast and Finder.

Here are some clarifications on these new applications:

What will happen to the media library after closing iTunes?

Apple has explained that all songs and music purchased or imported will not be lost, but transferred to the new music application, and that this also applies to playlists or smart playlists.

Will ITunes store be available?

Yes, the iTunes Store will still be available on Macs, desktops, iPhones and Apple TVs, and Mac owners will be able to find the iTunes Store in the music app.

Other apps also have their own shopping ranges and the5 store balance can be easily used. Apple TV users can also hide the iTunes store.


Where can I get movies and series?

The user can currently find movies and television series in the application T, where he can buy or rent this content.

The practical advantage of the new TV application is the integration of new software or new service channels, such as Sky Ticket, as well as all the old purchases on the iTunes Store.

Where can I get podcasts and audiobooks?

The user can receive the podcast and podcast services that have been subscribed via iTunes in the podcast application, which has been updated for a while on mobile devices equipped with Apple’s iOS operating system.

Mac owners with Mac OS Katlin will find their own audio books in the updated version of Books.

How to sync my smartphone with an iPhone, an iPad computer and an iPod music player?

In fact, the synchronization is the same as in the past, but with only one difference:

When the cable is connected, the synchronization and data recovery procedure is performed later in the Vender application. The user can create backups in the file management so as not to be limited to the Cloud Computing service with the closing of iTunes.

Does this apply to all Macs? What about Windows computers?

Changes for Apple iTunes on Mac OS 10.15 Katellina machines will only be effective this fall and iTunes will continue to run on earlier versions of the operating system. New changes to Windows will not apply to information current.

The new Mac OS 10.15 Catalina should be launched at this fall.

Source: Germania