Major League Soccer resumes in July at Disney World

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Major League Soccer will resume its season on July 8 at Disney World, Florida, becoming the first major professional sports league in the United States to return to the field since the coronavirus pandemic.

The league suspended Major League Soccer on March 12 due to the coronavirus epidemic after just two games. MLS has said the season will resume with the 26 teams at Walt Disney World in Florida starting July 8.

The 26 teams in the league will be divided into six groups for a tailor-made World Cup tournament to be played behind closed doors.

The first round, which will consist of three pool games, will be played over 16 days with results counting in the MLS regular season standings. A draw to determine the composition of each group will take place on Thursday.

The top 16 teams will advance to a knockout phase and the tournament will conclude with a league game on August 11. The winner will earn a place in the CONCACAF 2021 Champions League.

Players and staff will be housed in a Disney complex for six weeks and will undergo Covid-19 testing.

In Florida, players and staff will be tested every two days and anyone with positive symptoms will be immediately isolated.

Rigorous testing follows the example of the Bundesliga, which became the first football league to resume its championship last month.