Manchester City vs Arsenal … Teacher Guardiola face student Arteta

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Under normal circumstances, Manchester City would have long since given up the English Premier League title, to Liverpool.

But on Wednesday, a few days before the start of the summer, coach Pep Guardiola’s team will enter Al Ittihad, hoping to postpone the inevitable “Reds” coronation for a period that may be prolonged if he wins the interview that brings his team to Burnley.

And three months after the Premier League stopped due to the Covid-19 pandemic, which led to the closure of Britain and keeping Liverpool painfully close to winning the title, hoping to resume the league or not. Here it is, today Britain will regain its sporting glow by resuming the Premier League against City against Arsenal and Aston Villa against Sheffield United, the opening matches of the Premier League, which is expected to witness 92 interviews that will take place over the next five weeks.

It will be an exciting night, as the two games are played in empty stadiums that witness a minute of silence before the kick-off, in mourning for more than 40,000 people who have been killed by the Coronavirus in the United Kingdom.

The two coaches faced personal suffering during the painful weeks when football matches stopped when Guardiola’s mother died after suffering a Covid-19, while Mikel Arteta – who left his post as assistant to Guardiola in December to lead Arsenal – contracted the virus in March but fortunately for him he recovered.

With many considerations, Wednesday’s game is more important for the Reds, as the team hopes to keep the top five teams in the league to participate in European competitions for the next year. Taking into account the penalty of stopping the European city due to a violation of the financial regulations of the European Union (UEFA), which means that instead of ending the season in the golden box in order to qualify for the Champions League, the fifth-place will fulfill the purpose.

Arteta restored life to Arsenal before the removal, as the London team did not lose in eight league games and won 3 in a row.

Arsenal may be in ninth place but are only 5 points behind fifth-placed Manchester United, and they have played less. Sentinel Bernd Lino believed conditions were in favor of “artillery.”

“We can surprise City because there is currently no team in their form,” he said. “I am sure we can start well. Mikel (Arteta) knows every player and knows the coach more than anyone.”

Liverpool will also be a very important match, as they lead the league 25 points behind Manchester City in second place, which needs only two victories to achieve its first league title since 1990.