Manchester United appeals to his fans to stay away from Old Trafford

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Manchester United called on its fans to move away from Old Trafford in the event that it was decided to use it to host games behind closed doors when the English Premier League matches resumed.

In an e-mail to the public, United confirmed that it would return the price of season tickets to its fans as well as match tickets to be held without an audience.

The club said, “We understand that you are disappointed that you were unable to watch the matches in person in the stadiums, but we appeal to you to continue to provide your loyal support from within your homes in terms of safety and comfort.”

To help in this, the Excellent English Association and its media partners will strive to provide the best coverage of our games through broadcasting. The safety of your friends, family, and all United fans. ”

The English Premier League is exploring several options related to broadcasting from empty stadiums, including the possibility of using some sound and visual effects to create an atmosphere that simulates the actual experience in light of the mass attendance.

Talks are continuing between the English League and the British government authorities about holding championship matches in specific neutral stadiums or in the usual way back and forth on the ground and outside the teams.